Bye Bye Razor Bumps!

Have you ever had itchy or red skin after shaving? Do you suffer from pimples, burns and skin irritation after you shave? Trust me, you are not alone…

My skin used to get soooo irritated after shaving and those ugly ‘shaving pimples’ were painful. After trying almost everything to have smooth healthy skin, I finally found the best solution to get rid of razor bumps!! Let me share my secret with you:

These steps are very easy to follow, so here we go!

First, clean your skin. The best way to do it is to take a hot shower. The hot water opens up the pores, making your hair in the perfect condition to be shaved! Then, exfoliate your skin using a natural loofah bath sponge to minimize the appearance of ingrown hair.  After, apply coconut oil instead of shaving cream to soften the skin. You are all set but don’t forget three important things: make sure your razor blade is sharp, do not shave against the grain, and last, moisturize your skin with oil, my preferences are jojoba, avocado or argan oil.

Enjoy smooth soft bump-free skin!!!!

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