Say Goodbye to Cellulite!!!!

I am going to share with you how I got rid of cellulite in less than a month!!!! I know it might sound crazy but changing a few things here and there improved all of my skin!!!
First and most important, drink plenty of water! It will help to reduce water retention and detox your body! Now that you are drinking plenty of water we want to make sure that we flush out all the toxins and adding green tea (a very powerful antioxidant) will speed the process up!
And here is where the magic happens… I apply Raw Biology Cellulite Remover products every day WITH the suction cups set to get results even faster!! Studies show that cupping therapy stimulates circulation,  aids in melting the fat cells and reduces the look and feel of cellulite.
Combined with a healthy diet and exercise, you are unstoppable! Click HERE for more details!

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