Beautiful Winter Skin

Imagine having a perfect glowing skin throughout the year. Imagine touching your skin and feeling it soft, moist, and younger, no matter if it is winter or summer. Picture yourself looking at the mirror and liking what you see…. how amazing would it feel?

You are thinking it sounds to good to be true but I have amazing news for you! You can start your path to having the skin you always wanted during winter right now.

I am going to share with you some secrets I’ve learned from all my winter mistakes, and I am sure you will love your skin and yourself all year round as much as I do now.

Drink more water! The key to keep your skin from drying out since weather is not so humid during winter is hydration from inside out. Drink plenty of water, all day long.

Use sunscreen! I know it might sound crazy but since you won’t feel as much the strength of the sun rays, you need to remember that the sun exposure during winter can damage your skin as much as in the summer, so don’t forget to protect your skin.

Moisturize! Moisturize your face, your lips, your hands… but don’t overdo! The excess might cause breakouts and make your skin feel dull and oily, just use a heavier moisturizer in the morning and you will be just fine!

Lukewarm Showers! It feels so good hot shower in the winter… I know I know! But it may also make your skin ashy and flaky. You have no idea how much damage it can cause to your skin. The heat washes away all the natural skin oils that keep your skin moist and protected. So avoid hot showers at any cost!

Natural Skin Care Products! Last but not least, avoid all toxic beauty ingredients and synthetic chemicals. They can irritate and harm your skin. Stay away and eliminate the amount of toxins your body is exposed to.

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