EASY Metabolism Boosting Recipes

We all have busy lives (especially if you have kids and work) and its always difficult to find time for healthy eating, exercise, and a consistent skin regimen.  Here are some easy tips to help you save some time and be healthy!

Why is it so time consuming to eat healthy? Seriously… I can slap together a sandwich with chips in no time or go grab some fast food in the time that it takes me to pull all of the ingredients from the fridge to make a healthy lunch. For a while, I thought the only solution to fast, healthy eating was grabbing a granola bar, a cup of yogurt or blend up (what I thought) was a healthy shake.. Recently, after tons of research, visits to a nutritionist and several documentaries about the science of eating… I realized I was doing it all wrong.


Yogurt isn’t healthy?

Granola isn’t healthy?

Smoothies aren’t healthy?

And the answer is…NO (at least most of the time they aren’t) and here’s why…

Those “healthy foods” are full of sugar and tons of carbs. Fill your body with those 2 fuels and your body will NEVER use FAT AS IT’S FUEL.  When you make sugar and carbs less accessible in your meals, your body will burn fat as its fuel instead.

OK…thank goodness, there was an answer as to why I was gaining weight eating “healthier”.   Do you know how frustrating it is to go to the gym and come home feeling bloated and squishy? Why even go then… sadly, being healthy without “looking” healthy (for me) isn’t good enough reason to squeeze time out of my day to exercise.

With all the research I’ve recently done on nutrition, here are the key points to remember so you don’t have to spend months of your life trying to find answers, like I did.

Lean fats are your friend… that means: from meat, nuts and healthy oils (like coconut, avocado and olive).

Carbs are not your friend but have a place in your diet when they come from a natural source. Basically, stay away from any processed carbs like: bread, pasta, and rice. Go easy on natural carbs like fruit, beans, potatoesand sweet veggies.

Eat as our ancestors did… that is how our bodies are programmed to process food by hunting and gathering. Our bodies efficiently process: Meat (lean protein), veggies (high in fiber and nutrients), small amounts of fruit, no refined sugar, and unprocessed foods.

Now that I know better, I follow these simple concepts and have basic staples to my diet, ready to go at any time in the fridge. Just add a little spice and everything nice for a delicious meal!


I have the following items cooked and ready to go for lunch at the start of each week.


Several pieces of baked chicken

Cooked ground turkey, lean beef, or seafood

Eggs (uncooked and hard boiled)


Cooked Quinoa (get crazy and cook it with bone broth instead of water for added taste and nutrition)

Keto Bread (Easy recipe here)

VEGGIES: Pick as many as you want




Cauliflower rice

You can literally choose one from each category and throw it together to make a delicious, metabolism boosting meal. Put it together the night before, while you’re making breakfast, or have them prepped and proportioned to grab and go. Its so easy, there’s no excuse to ever have fast food again. Change up the spices you use or add hot sauce to make life more interesting and create a whole new flavor.

Let us know what you come up with and share your photos and tips here!


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