Reduce the 700,000+ toxins you’re exposed to every day.

It’s scary to know that we are exposed to more than 700,000 toxic chemicals every day.  Have you ever wondered why more adults and children than ever before in history have allergies, cancer, ADD, autism, stomach issues, weight problems and hormone imbalance?  Our bodies are being attacked every day and it is a losing battle if we do nothing about it.

Although it’s almost impossible to escape 100% of the chemicals in our daily lives, we can easily eliminate half of these toxins to save our family’s health.

So what do we consider to be a “toxic chemical”?

Toxins are chemicals that interfere with normal physiology and impacts bodily functions in a negative way.  Toxins enter the body through 3 organs… the lungs, the stomach and the skin.  So basically, you drink, eat, touch and breath in toxins.  Unless we plan to fast and live in a bubble for the rest of your lives, we’re going to come into contact with toxins at some point.

Toxins are found in: processed foods (and the packaging itself), prescription drugs (basically, anything that is patented), synthetic clothes, carpets (especially synthetic wall-to-wall carpet), building materials, house paint, mattresses, furniture, vinyl shower curtains, air fresheners, household cleaning products, cosmetic and skin-care products, perfumes,  personal hygiene products, children’s toys, emissions from cars and trucks, car interiors and tap water.

So what exactly are these chemicals doing to our bodies?

The toxins break down and destroy healthy skin cells and disrupt normal cellular metabolism.  They can kill the friendly bacteria in our guts, block oxygen from binding to red blood cells, interfere with DNA synthesis, block enzymes the body needs for normal functions and block absorption of vitamins and minerals.  Over time, toxins build up and cause major damage resulting in diseases like cancer and  brain related disorders including autism and ADD

Minor side effects of toxic chemicals include:

  • allergies
  • headaches
  • low energy
  • hormone imbalance
  • depression
  • bowel irregularities
  • digestive problems
  • skin issues
  • weight gain
  • inflammation
  • foggy brain

There are so many things that we can easily do to cut this number down to less than half…today.  Without even having to change our lifestyle or having to go all out “hippie”.

Here’s what you can do…  

Do something today to preserve your health tomorrow!  Start with a cleanse to remove all of the toxins that are already built up in your body and then maintain a toxic free body with a daily detox regimen.  You will feel like a new person when your body isn’t exhausted trying to protect itself against 700,000 toxic chemicals every single day!


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